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ConInteCom srl is a manufacturing company in the fashion business, located in the Marche region, in central Italy, specializing in the production of customized and made-to-measure shoes.
The characterizing element of ConInteCom srl is the combination of modern technology, attention to the environment and the best artisan footwear tradition, which has made Italian footwear famous throughout the world.

Products and services.
ConInteCom develops its own product, collections of men's and women's shoes, continuously aiming to growth and innovation.
Get in the fashion business with your own brand. Private Label and White Label Shoe Manufacturing.
The most footwear retailers outsource the production of their products to third parties. There are only two possible choices: white label and private label manufacturing.
Private labelling occurs when a retailer sources its finished product from a manufacturer together with the right to sell the product exclusively. In this case the brand determines the designs, materials, shape and other features of the shoe.
Retailers adopt this method of production to easily get a collection with the desired style, it's cost-saving, allows for brand visibility, it offers better profit mark-up, and the production process is easily adjustable to their needs.
Over the years, Conintecom srl and his development team have helped new shoes companies to get into the shoes business from scratch, flanking them all the way along, from the initial idea until making the new collections real.
Instead a slightly different nuance is represented by the White Label production which is an already existing product, designed and created by the Conintecom srl for sale to retailers without an exclusive right granted to any retailer. The shoes styles are already settled, but the shoes are rebranded using the retailer name and logo.
Retailers adopt this method of production to leverage the work of industry specialists, saves time and cost, to have a lot of choice from the extensive catalogs, and of course to selling shoes with their own brand.
Conintecom srl has designed and realized hundreds of different styles, all available as white label products. Every year according with the fashion drives, we develop new styles that improve and enlarge our catalog.

Custom packaging and catalogs
It's possible to enrich the shoe adding other customized products such as cardboard boxes, magnetic lock's boxes, custom wooden boxes, shoe's bags, shoe tree, cleaning kits and so forth.
If you are more likely to the White Label, ConInteCom provides the basic material to create your own catalog and digital catalog.

Personalized and bespoke products
Numerous customizations available for all footwear (leathers, colors, monograms and so on).
The products are made to measure. The measurement can be done manually or with the aid of a 3D foot scanner. ConInteCom srl has developed a specific foot scanner with a partner company.
Custom shoe last
In case the measurement is done through a 3D scanner, it is possible to create a custom shoe last according to the fit of the customer. The lasts will be made just once and will be reused for every future purchases. Instead, in the case of manual measurements, we apply changes and adjust the basic last.
Bespoke shoes
Conintecom produces a wide selection of models of men's and women's shoes, i several collections.
Elegant and casual men's shoes
Oxford; Derby; Monk single buckle and double buckle; Chukka boot; Desert boot; Motorcycle boots; Chelsea boots; Ankle boots.
Venetian moccasins; Penny loafers; Tassel loafers; Bit moccasins; Boat moccasins; Driver moccasins; Slippers.
Sports and Golf shoes
Sneakers; Spikes golf shoes; Spikeless Golf shoes.
Women's shoes
Elegant women's shoes, from slippers and ballet flats to high heel shoes, with and without plateau.
Wedding and ceremony shoes.

All shoes are handcrafted sewn. The most used seams are the Blake, Blake Rapid, Goodyear welted also in the variants of Goodyear soft and Goodyear reverse. The golf shoes are sewn with Blake or Blake Rapid system. Dedicated sewings for sneakers with box sole stitching and tubular stitching for many moccasins.

Materials and colors
Wide choice of materials: calf, chamois, elaphe snake, eel, deer, ostrich, kangaroo, kangaroo, camel till the CITES protected materials such as American alligator, Nile crocodile, caiman, python.
Fabrics, satins, silks and other materials can be used in the making of ConInteCom shoes.
In addition to a wide colors choice of different nuances in the color charts, we can also create special colors.

All shoes can be customized with the customer's name, monograms or the date of the event. On request, more advanced customizations are also offered, such as hand-decorated shoes on the customer's subjects to the printing of the club logo or the company logo.

Ready to Wear
All models can also be mass produced. 7 pairs is the minimum quantity of the same model, even different color and size, to get into count in this case.

Matched Belts
With the same leather with which the shoes are made, the belt for the trousers can also be made.
Wood Box
Shoes can be packed in wooden boxes.
Shoe tree.
The shoes can be supplied with the shoe tree.

Extraordinary maintenance
In addition to routine maintenance, guaranteed by local shoemakers, Conintecom bespoke shoes can be sent back to our artisan to get an extraordinary maintenance. As per the restoration of a luxury car, individual components can be replaced (sole, upper) and modifications made (for example, replace the leather sole with a rubber sole).

Circular economy and sustainability. Second Hand Shoes.
Conintecom srl has adopted the "responsible fashion" policy. The product is fully recyclable. ConInteCom accept back the shoes produced, which customers return when they buy back a new pair of shoes. Based on the state of the product, ConInteCom can restore them completely to put them on the second hand market or otherwise disassemble to be destined for recycling.

FREE Consulting Service
To start off on the right foot, ConInteCom supports you to start up in the bespoke footwear business.
In case you are more leaned to start your own Private Label, we help you to get into the business of footwear in the best way, planning a free consultation with our team of artisans master shoemakers and footwear development experts to make your ideas to became true.
Whether you have a sketch, detailed technical package or just a creative vision, we work closely with you to best understand your expectations, budget and timing so that you can get off to a successful start.
The strenghts of Conintecom are precisely the expert shoemakers and designers who create customized molds and models. As soon as your designs are transferred into prototypes and then into real samples, you will be ready to go into production, showcase your Made in Italy shoes to retail buyers, exhibit at trade shows or offer pre-orders on your website.

Made in Italy
The entire production process of the footwear produced by ConInteCom takes place in Italy. A network of artisans, specialized in every phase of shoe construction, and for every type of construction, combined to create a unique product, from the tanning of leather to the production of any fabrics used. The production of the shapes, the cut, the dye, the stitching, the finishing, everything is made in Italy. Each phase of the development of new prototype is made entirely by expert Italian artisans.